Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Wexler's Deli

Wexler's Deli

Downtown LA's historical but once tired-looking Grand Central Market is no longer just a spot to score inexpensive produce or grab a $2 taco or pupusa. While the market's character remains, a revival featuring artisanal vendors like EggSlut, Valerie Market, G&B Coffee, and Sticky Rice plus premium ingredients has transformed it into destination dining. The latest, highly-anticipated vendor to set up shop in the new GCM is Wexler's Deli.

At the newly opened Wexler's Deli, chef Micah Wexler (Mezze) serves up classic deli fare with a contemporary sensibility. The meats and fish are cured and smoked in-house, the condiments are made in-house, and even the rye bread and bagels-- while baked off-site-- were developed by Wexler. Rounding out the menu of sandwiches and bagels are deli staples such as black and white cookies, egg creams, and chocolate phosphates. After weeks of scrolling past appetizing Instagram posts (and nearly attempting to eat my phone), I headed to Wexler's Deli for a nosh.

Wexler's Deli

I loved this wall of jars of pickles and mayonnaise and spools of bagels.

For my first visit, I opted to be a purist, sampling their most simple sandwiches to better taste the house-cured meats.

The Boyle Heights at Wexler's Deli

On the Boyle Heights ($10.00), extra thick slices of tender, marbled corned beef were nestled between slices of chewy rye bread. For an extra $2.00, I added pickles and a sublime dill-laced potato salad, which was perhaps the best this carb lover's ever had. While the corned beef was delicious in its own right, I enjoyed jazzing it up with a slathering of cole slaw from our second plate.

The OG at Wexler's Deli

In the lead up to the stall's opening, Wexler told LA Magazine that his goal was not necessarily to serve the best pastrami sandwich you've ever eaten but the most interesting. By my estimation, however, he's accomplished both with the OG ($10.00, $2.00 extra for cole slaw and pickles). Glistening, moist, fatty, and deeply smoky, this pastrami sandwich's swoon-factor was off the charts. Sorry, Katz's, this is the new "I'll have what she's having" pastrami.

Pastrami at Wexler's Deli

{A close-up of the pastrami}

Invariably, the question on everyone's mind is, "Is this better than the sandwich at [insert your favorite deli here]?" All I can say is, after eating my way through delis in both LA and New York, I'm thrilled that my new favorite pastrami is right here in LA.

Wexler's Deli
Grand Central Market
317 S. Broadway 
Los Angeles, CA 90013

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  1. I can't say I'm a deli lover but I love what Wexler's has brought to GCM - really adds another different lunch option. Impressed with how well-curated the vendors have been.

    1. How can you deny the power of pastrami sandwiches, Darin?! And I agree. It's so tough to choose what to get there these days!