Monday, May 6, 2013


When I first heard whispers that Chego's Overland location was shuttering rather than merely closing for renovations, I, like many, panicked. Where was my Beefy T bowl going?! What about my Chego Burger?! For some reason (i.e. for very obvious reasons), my tweeted pleas to keep Chego on the Westside proved unfruitful, and the restaurant packed up its pork belly and headed to Chinatown's Far East Plaza.


Before the restaurant's grand opening last Saturday, chef Roy Choi and his crew hosted preview dinners, one of which I attended, eager to get my Chego fix.




For the uninitiated, Chego specializes in hearty rice bowls, which Choi refers to as "refrigerator food"-- dishes inspired by the leftovers he'd throw together for a snack as a kid. The O.G. Chego menu will be in place for the next few weeks but will soon feature additions that pay homage to the space's new digs. Think char siu, duck, and other Chinese staples. For our inaugural visit, we went with our old favorites (and my must-order recommendations).

Ooey Gooey Fries @ Chego

Ooey Gooey Fries: Beer-battered fries with sour cream sambal, monterey jack and cheddar cheese, cotija, chiles, cilantro and pickled garlic ($6.00)

Chubby Pork Belly @ Chego

Chubby Pork Belly: Kochujang-lacquered Kurobuta rice bowl with fried egg, pickled radishes, water spinach, Chinese broccoli, cotija and peanuts ($9.00)

Kimchi Spam Bowl @ Chego

Kimchi Spam Bowl: Fried rice with spam, scrambled eggs, baby bok choy, a touch of butter and toasted sesame ($8.00)

Steak in the Heart @ Chego
Steak in the Heart: Prime rib sandwich on grilled ciabatta with wok-seared onions, roasted garlic Irish butter, cheese and salsa verde ($10.00)
For a myriad of reasons, Choi's cooking feels very personal to me, and I'm hard-pressed to list a dining experience even half as comforting as digging into one of these rice bowls. Because of that, I'll follow Chego anywhere...even to Chinatown.

*Food was hosted.

727 N. Broadway #117
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(323) 380-8680
*Closed Mondays

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  1. Chego Chinatown...a dream come true! I hope they have a DJ every night :)