Thursday, April 11, 2013


This Friday marks the opening of Paiche, the newest restaurant from Chef Ricardo Zarate (Mo-Chica, Picca) and business partner Stephane Bombet. The Marina del Rey restaurant, named for an Amazonian river fish, is described as a "Peruvian izakaya," a fusion which pays homage to Zarate's Peruvian roots as well as his training as a sushi chef.

On Wednesday, Chef Richie and Stephane opened the kitchen for a Friends and Family night to preview Paiche's offerings.

Bar at Paiche

Bar at Paiche

Mixologist Deysi Alvarez shakes up a cocktail.
Paiche bar manager Deysi Alvarez has crafted a cocktail menu with classics such as a Pisco Sour and Margarita as well as drinks of her own invention, covering the flavor spectrum from smoky to sweet. Not a single one of the drinks disappointed, but our table's personal favorites are below. 

The Last Ice Age @ Paiche

The Last Ice Age: Pisco portion, Hakushu Whiskey (12 years), organic egg white, lime juice, lemon juice, evaporated simple syrup, Fernet Branca liqueur drops ($13.00)

Maracuya Capirinha @ Paiche

Maracuya Capirinha: Lemon cachaca, fresh passion fruit, muddled limes, pure cane syrup ($15.00)

Mojito de Martinique @ Paiche

Mojito de Martinique: Neisson Eleve Sous rhum agricole, pinch of fresh mint, muddled mint, martinique cane syrup, seltzer water ($14.00)

Pink Panther @ Paiche

Pink Panther: Platino Atlantico rum, muddled mint, fresh strawberry juice, grapefruit juice, lemon juice, orgeat syrup, topped with Cava ($12.00)
Like at Zarate's other resturants, the menu is broken down into categories-- here: Abrebocas y Ensaladas; Ceviches (Sashimi Styles); Tiraditos; Frituras; Anticucho Grill; and Cocina Caliente.
Abrebocas y Ensaladas:

Tuna Tartare @ Paiche

Tuna Tartare with caviar, soy ceviche dressing and wonton chips ($16.00)

Shrimp Dumplings @ Paiche

Shrimp Dumplings with soy lime dressing and spicy rocoto-infused oil ($9.00)

Tamalitos Verdes @ Paiche

Tamalitos Verdes: Northern Peruvian tamales, shimenji mushrooms and seco sauce ($14.00)
Ceviches- Sashimi Style:

Tiraditos @ Paiche

(L to R): Crab ($8.00), Albacore ($10.00), Kampachi ($12.00)


Wagyu Beef @ Paiche

Wagyu Beef: Seared wagyu, parmesan sauce, aji amarillo vinaigrette and black truffle ($12.00)

Yuquitas @ Paiche

Yuquitas: Stuffed yuca beignets, manchego cheese, grated parmesan ($8.00)
Cocina Caliente:

Sweet Potato Gnocchi @ Paiche
Sweet Potato Gnocchi with burnt butter, huacatay, grated parmesan ($12.00)

Saltado de Camarones @ Paiche

Saltado de Camarones: Sauteed shrimp, tomato onion stew and homemade pasta ($14.00)

Chaufa de Langosta @ Paiche

Chaufa de Langosta: Lobster, mixed seafood, fried rice ($12.00)

Normally, this is where I'd list highlights of the meal, but every single item was so impressive that I can't. Hectic preview night or not, the food that came out of Paiche's kitchen was incredibly solid and rivaled many restaurants on their best night. I will note, however, that, despite being a "Peruvian izakaya," Paiche makes a helluva pasta dish; that pillowy sweet potato gnocchi was better than most versions at Italian restaurants. Congrats to Chef Richie and Stephane and the whole Paiche crew.
*Food and drink were hosted.

13488 Maxella Avenue
Marina del Rey, CA 90292
(310) 893-6100

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  1. Looks like Stephane and Ricardo have another hit on their hands!

    1. Yes, definitely! It was crazy busy, but everything was still top notch.

  2. It was great to see you there--now I have three Peruvian hot spots where I might run into you!!