Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sqirl with G & B

Sqirl with G & B has been on my to-eat list since its opening and so, on a sunny LA morning with the day off work, I heeded its call.

Several years ago, Jessica Koslow founded Sqirl and started making exquisite jams, jellies and marmalades with fresh produce from local, sustainable and certified-organic farms. If you're curious, "local" means that everything comes from no farther than 350 miles from her kitchen. Sqirl used to be available around town only at farmers' markets and shops such as Proof Bakery, Farm Shop and Paper or Plastik, but Jessica recently partnered with Kyle Glanville and Charles Babinksi (G & B Coffee) and Ria Wilson (formerly of Canele) to open Sqirl with G & B in Silverlake.

Sqirl with G & B

I was prepared to face the long lines I'd heard so much about but, happily for my stomach, the wait was minimal.

Sqirl with G & B Menu Board

Menu board

Pastry Case at Sqirl with G & B

Fresh pastry case

Food Prep at Sqirl with G & B

Coffee at Sqirl with G & B

Coffee time!

Seating at Sqirl with G & B

Toast at Sqirl with G & B

To kick start the morning, my friend ordered a Colombian Perdomo coffee ($5.00). For grubbing, he chose the B5-- brioche with a choice of jam ($4.50)-- with strawberry rose geranium jam. Far from your run-of-the-mill breakfast toast, Sqirl's version consists of a thick slice of Proof Bakery brioche slathered with a generous layer of jam befitting its hefty base. The simplicity of the dish perfectly showcased the both jam's unique and pristine flavors and Jessica's craft and dedication to her product.

Almond Milk Cappuccino at Sqirl with G & B

For my caffeine kick, I opted for the Almond Milk Cappuccino ($5.50), which was so frothy and delightful that I wished it was a tad bit larger.

B3 Brioche at Sqirl with G & B

Brunch demands eggs, and the B3 fit the bill. In this savory incarnation, the crusty brioche was topped with a blanket of greens and a layer of tomatillo puree and lacto-fermented hot sauce and was capped with a fried egg ($7.50).

B3 Brioche at Sqirl with G & B

The brioche soaked up all the hearty flavors of its toppings and provided the perfect vessel for mopping up any leftover goodness. It is difficult to express just how much this hit the spot.

B2 at Sqirl with G & B

My inner glutton got the best of me, and I ordered not one but two brioches. In the B2, burnt brioche was slathered with a dense, beautifully imperfect layer of house ricotta as well as a rhubarb blood orange marmalade ($7.00). Sweet and savory flavors melded in each bite, and the slightly charred edges added a nice textural element.

After my visit to Sqirl with G & B, it's safe to say: this place is my jam.

Sqirl with G & B
720 N. Virgil Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90029
(213) 394-6526

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