Monday, January 31, 2011

Simplethings Sandwich & Pie Shop

When I think of W. 3rd Street, two words come to mind: "bruncher's paradise." From Joan's on Third to Toast to Doughboys, the stretch east of the Beverly Center certainly has no shortage of options for your brunching needs. To this list one may also add Simplethings Sandwich and Pie Shop, a newly opened sandwich and pie shop.

With its cozy and cute decor, an even mix of breakfast and lunch options, outdoor seating, and a little something sweet to finish up the meal, Simplethings seemed right up my alley.


For my meal, I ordered the hash ($9.00). The dish featured a hefty mound of cubed corned beef and sweet potatoes, topped with a poached egg and toast. Despite the hash's simplicity and the inclusion of normally enjoyable ingredients, the dish was a complete disappointment. The sweet potatoes were extremely unevenly cooked; whereas some cubes were soft, others tasted as if they had not been cooked at all. Furthermore, as a whole, the combination of the meat and potatoes created a very unpleasantly dry dish.


J fared better than I with his French toast ($9.00), which was filled with mascarpone cheese and topped with blueberries. The mascarpone cheese and blueberries paired nicely together to create an interesting mix of tastes and textures. The already sweet dish, however, probably could have done without the kitchen's addition of maple syrup.


Because Simplethings' interior prominently features its dessert display case, we decided to also try their pie.


We ordered a mini cherry pie ($2.50), but were given a blueberry one instead. Upon mentioning the snafu, however, we were given our original order but invited to keep the blueberry. Sadly, both were awful. From the generic-tasting filling to the undercooked, impossible to cut crust that reminded me of an uncooked Pop Tart, nothing about these pies was enjoyable, and I ate only one bite of each. J and I were both baffled as to how a restaurant's namesake could be so unappetizing.



After sharing my disappointment in my brunch with friends, one remarked that she quite enjoyed her sandwich from Simplethings. Maybe I should re-visit the shop and order a sandwich and just avoid the pie? Maybe. Probably not.

8310 W. 3rd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(323) 592-3390

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  1. Oh no! It really isn't that bad! Next time try the salted caramel pie. I'm not big on fruit pies and mini versions seem to be more disappointing. I haven't tried bfast but Jess and I really enjoyed the prime rib sandwich and the fried chicken sandwich is amazing. Our friend really liked her Veggie #2. -Tin2

  2. aaah too bad. this place looked promising

  3. Oh man. I heard pie and wanted to run out the door and buy one but

  4. had the same experience with the apple pie uncooked crust! yuck! but i have to say the salted caramel pie won my heart, but still for 2.50 for a one biter i don't think i'd go back for seconds!

  5. Nom, thank you so much for taking the time to visit us at simplethings and to write your review. Clearly we are not happy with your findings but do appreciate the honesty. We have reviewed your comments with our chef and the entire simplethings team. Everybody is very disappointed and we are focused on making sure these quality issues are addressed. The hash should be tender throughout. We apologize for the inconsistent texture. The cutie fruit pies are going to have a very soft traditional crust. The 50% shortening 50% butter mix we use keeps them soft. We understand that you did not like this style crust. We do hope you will come back and try some of the other items. I have found the best reviews come after trying something a number of times. Perhaps the next visit will be a success and we can change your mind. We are working hard here to create an amazing restaurant on 3rd street and really do appreciate your feedback.
    Thank you, Andy Paxson. Owner/Operator

  6. @Tin: Thanks for reading! That seems to be two votes for the salted caramel pie. Maybe I'll give it a shot.

    @Jenn: PLUS you live a little far to run out the door to 3rd St ;)

    @Nastassia: I trust your pie judgment. Maybe I need to try a creamy pie.

    @Andy: Thanks for your (very fair) comment. I appreciate hearing from you and your weighing in on my experience vs. your kitchen's intentions. I love the shop and hope that things continue to improve.

  7. those little pies look so cute... too bad they were disappointing :(

  8. I thought the banana toffee pie was really nicely done when I sampled it. The peanut butter one with a chocolate crust and bruleed marshmallow was also tasty! I think the key is to stick to the pies with the graham cracker/cookie crusts. Hope you give it another shot!

  9. oh what a bummer. and the pie crust look so pale and underbaked!

  10. i was almost going to come here to celebrate my blog's 2nd bday this weekend but all the mixed reviews confused me! i'll have to go on a not-so-important day and check it out...