Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ricky's Fish Tacos

Ricky's Fish Tacos. The name of the popular spot explains why I have declined many an excited text and tweet about a taco meet-up: fish. Because of this terrifying word, I long neglected to look at Ricky's Fish Tacos' Twitter feed. If I had, I would have seen that they also serve shrimp--a seafood I love and will eat in any incarnation. Whoops.

Deciding to make up for lost time, I recently visited RFT's new location in Silverlake.


Whereas RFT's friendly namesake used to serve his tacos from a cart, he now runs a larger operation with a full-sized deep-fryer as well as tables and chairs--all in the shade of several large tents.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by smiles, the bubbling sounds of frying food and enormous jugs of brilliantly colorful, homemade agua fresca (on this day, the flavors were watermelon and hibiscus). The casual, cheerful atmosphere perfectly suited my lazy Sunday vibe, and we happily ordered two shrimp tacos (for me, $2.50 each) and two fish tacos (for J, also $2.50 each) and took a seat.


As we waited for our lunch, we also watched it being prepared, which I--as a generally nosy person--enjoyed.


*Bubble bubble*



The tacos come topped with fresh, crunchy cabbage and a flavorful pico de gallo. From here, you have your choice of several different salsas and a creamy mayo sauce to further dress your taco.

To his fish tacos, J drizzled on the mayo sauce and a smoky chipotle salsa.


To my shrimp tacos, I added Ricky's recommendation for the least spicy salsa. Upon hearing J's recommendation the mayo, however, I also added a generous squirt of that sauce.

The superlative praise lavished on Ricky's Fish Tacos is deserved: these are no joke. The batter which coats the fish and shrimp is suprisingly light and, despite being fried, the tacos are neither weighty nor greasy. The cabbage and pico de gallo add a firm crunch to the tacos, and the salsas are all uniquely flavorful. Although I do not particularly love mayo, the cool, creamy sauce provided the finishing touch on both the shrimp and fish tacos (or so I'm told, with the latter).


We also thoroughly enjoyed our sweet hibiscus agua fresca, made with pressed hibiscus leaves. Like its color, the flavor of the drink was deep and complex. My only complaint is that the drink was so good, but the cup was so small!

I weep to only learn now that Ricky's Fish Tacos sells more seafood than the kind mentioned in its name.

Ricky's Fish Tacos
1400 N. Virgil St.
Los Angeles, CA 90027

Ricky's Fish Tacos in Los Angeles on Fooddigger


  1. Yummeh.

    The only blogger who still hasn't had Ricky's

  2. Don't worry! Until very recently, it was the two of us who were the only bloggers who hadn't been to Ricky's.

  3. love his tacos and they are worth the hype. glad you finally tried it.