Sunday, August 8, 2010

Bouchon (Las Vegas)

From what I have gathered, there are two cross-sections of people who particularly enjoy Las Vegas: those who have fairly recently turned twenty-one and Asians--especially those from Hawai'i. Although I meet the criteria for both, my inaugural Vegas trip came only this summer, when J, Christine of folie a choisauce and DJJewelz and I headed to Sin City for the weekend.

While others might plan their Vegas vacations around which nightclubs to hit up, we instead spent our energy plotting what to eat. One of J's requests was brunch at Bouchon in the Venetian. Although being awake before lunch is not my idea of a vacation, J's family has long raved about their brunch at Bouchon, and I was curious to investigate the fuss for myself.

Bouchon (Las Vegas)

With its high, vaulted ceilings, grand mahogany columns and kitchen-related wall paintings and oyster bar, Bouchon's interior is an inviting mix of sweeping grandeur and French bistro. As I walked to my seat, I felt simultaneously relaxed and swanky--neither of which is normally part of my vocabulary.

Bouchon (Las Vegas)

Bouchon (Las Vegas)

J began with a glass of fresh-squeezed orange juice ($3.50), which was pleasantly sweet and light.

Fresh Orange Juice @ Bouchon (Las Vegas)

Although downing overpriced drinks in a crowded club is not my style, a little bubbly with my breakfast is; a fruity bellini ($12.50) was the perfect partner for a vacation morning.

Bellini @ Bouchon (Las Vegas)

As J and I relaxedly sipped on our drinks and sank into our oversized booth, a woven loaf of bread roughly the size of my forearm arrived with jam and butter. The thick, bread was enjoyable enough on its own but heavenly when topped with the creamy butter and dense jam.

Bread, Butter and Jam @ Bouchon (Las Vegas)

Because traditional breakfasts fill me up quickly but leave me hungry around an hour later, I ordered a more substantial dish--a croque madame (sans egg) served with pomme frites ($19.00). With its thick slices of perfectly toasted bread and a generous serving of ham, the dish was hearty but not overpoweringly so, as the bechamel sauce accented rather than drowned the sandwich. The accompanying pomme frites were outstanding. Twice-fried in peanut oil and tossed with salt, these were impossible to stop munching on long after I was full. I asked for my remaining fries to-go, telling our waitress that I would probably eat them throughout the day as I shopped. She laughed, telling me I was her funniest customer of the day...I was dead serious.

Croque Madame @ Bouchon (Las Vegas)

J ordered the dish that is famed in his family--the French toast ($12.00). Deceived by the unassuming name, I was surprised when this beautiful, glazed, apple-topped cylinder arrived at our table. Bouchon's signature breakfast dish is more closely related to bread pudding than the French toast to which you are accustomed and features layers of brioche, custard and apples. After one decadently sweet and pillowy soft bite, I immediately understood the fuss and wished that I had ignored my carnivorous desires in favor of this.

French Toast @ Bouchon (Las Vegas)

If all brunches were even half as delicious as those from Bouchon in half as lovely a setting, I might wake up more often for them!

The Venetian
3355 Las Vegas Blvd.
South Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 414-6200

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  1. I love brunch at Bouchon! I totally agree re the French toast! My fave thing is the chicken and waffles!

  2. Whoa! The French toast looks like dessert! I am loooong overdue for a Vegas jaunt.

  3. That French toast looks insane! I wonder if they serve it at the Bouchon in Beverly Hills. I think it's worth an investigation! ;)

  4. Umm, ya, that french toast looks like a winner to me!

  5. I'm going to echo everyone else's comments: that french toast looks amazing!!! damn, i need to go back to vegas soon... like REALLY soon.

  6. ahhh i should have gotten the french toast (i was contemplating) but instead, I ordered the vile eggs special. Next time, I gotta go with my gut instinct..

  7. hey everyone, great news. I think the Bouchon in Beverly Hills does the same french toast. Will need to find out soon!

  8. @WeezerMonkey: Ooh, I almost ordered the chicken and waffles. Maybe next time!

    @Gastronomer: I suggest going when it's not as hot as it was when we were there for the Fourth of July... :p

    @Diana: I think they do! It's a different name, though...I'm willing to take one for the team and go investigate it!

    @KungfoodPanda: Eat it this weekend!

    @Nelehelen: I direct my comment for Cathy at you also lol

    @StuffyCheaks: Oh no! At least you have a reason to go back now :)

    @Justin: Let's goooooo!