Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Petrossian Birthday

Although Petrossian's impressive selection of caviar has elicited many a contented smile and inspired many a TwitPic, it was another luxury delicacy that stirred my interest in visiting the West Hollywood restaurant. I wanted black truffles, specifically Petrossian's black truffle mac n' cheese, which sounded so delectable that I could barely wrap my head around the idea.

After deciding that my birthday was the perfect time to indulge in some truffle decadence, I grabbed my 30% off Blackboard Eats coupon and headed to Petrossian for lunch.



On this beautifully sunny day, we opted to sit outdoors. I was baffled to see people eating inside, not enjoying the weather!


My friend Danny of Kungfood Panda, a Petrossian regular and proud "mayor" of the restaurant on FourSquare, mentioned to Chef Ben Bailly that I would be lunching here on my birthday. As a gift, Chef Ben sent out their famed blinis (normally $18.00), bite-sized buckwheat pancakes topped with sour cream and trout and salmon roe. Although it was J who polished off this platter, I appreciated the birthday surprise and the opportunity to try a new dish (for new readers, I'm trying to leave behind a wimpy/finicky palate).

Blinis @ Petrossian

As an "appetizer," we ordered the black truffle mac n' cheese ($18.00), the inspiration for our visit. The dish features al dente orrechiette pasta bathed in parmesan cheese and topped with bacon and black truffles. Every bite of this dish was luxuriously rich. The black truffle, bacon and parmesan flavors melted together into the creamy sauce, and the curved shape of the pasta captured more sauce on each forkful than the traditional elbow macaroni would have. This is one of my favorite things I have eaten this year.

Black Truffle Mac n' Cheese @ Petrossian

Although J and I were surprisingly full after sharing (but not finishing) the truffle mac n' cheese, we were still thrilled when our entrees arrived.

My lunch of choice was the flatbread black truffle with artichokes and goat cheese ($26.00) because, in case you hadn't heard, you are allowed to eat all the black truffles you want on your birthday. I was slightly disappointed that the flavor of the artichokes overpowered the flavors of the goat cheese and black truffles but was pleased that the thin crust remained perfectly crunchy despite the generous toppings.

Flatbread Black Truffle @ Petrossian

Although he was intrigued by several seafood dishes, J ordered the croque monsieur ($14.00) so that I could sample another dish. The croque monsieur features gruyere cheese and paper-thin French ham sandwich topped with Mornay sauce, a bechamel sauce with cheese added. As I was growing dangerously full, I only took one bite of the croque but loved the creamy Mornay sauce and the flavorful, thinly-sliced ham.

Croque Monsieur @ Petrossian

As J and I told Chef Ben when we thanked him for our meal, we seem to have ordered all of the richest dishes on the menu. In fact, we remained so full all day that we were not hungry for dinner! Thank you, again to the chef (and Danny) for a delightful lunch. I'm still thinking of that black truffle mac n' cheese...

321 N. Robertson Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90048
(310) 271-6300

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  1. Ooh! I want to go back for lunch! Or brunch!

    Weren't those blinis great? :)

  2. The brunch menu was great, but maybe one day you'll join us for dinner?

    Ben is going to do a French Comfort Food Tasting later on for our group. Maybe you are down for it? :)

  3. @WeezerMonkey: Let's put it this way: I think I'm better suited for daytime meals when there is less caviar and more truffles ;)

    @KungFood Panda: Keep me posted on that one! If there is butter involved (and it seems like there would be), I'm in!

  4. one day, that palate will give in and it will be a glorious day!!! bwhahahahhahahahahaha. i need to eat here one day/evening.

  5. @TriceraPops: A glorious day, indeed, my good man! Go soon!

  6. YUM! Jealous :) Sounds like a great birthday meal!