Thursday, June 10, 2010

Starry Kitchen Does dineLA

On Tuesday night, dineLA held a roundtable discussion at the RedCat Theater in the Disney Concert Hall with six talented celebrity chefs. For an hour, the packed house listened intently as Wolfgang Puck, Karen Hatfield, Joachim Splichal, Susan Feniger, Josiah Citrin and Mark Peel discussed topics ranging from their backgrounds and personal inspiration to their appreciation for the quality product available almost year-round in Los Angeles--or so I gleaned in the 10 or so minutes I sat in the discussion.

I was there to work!

Dine LA Roundtable
Photo courtesy of DJJewelz

Last week, Nguyen of Starry Kitchen announced that he would give away two tickets to the dineLA roundtable discussion to whomever best demonstrated their undying love for SK. Although my clearly superior entry lost/I was robbed, J and I volunteered to help Nguyen and Thi (a.k.a. Kitchen Ninja) cater the event.

Starry Kitchen all loaded up in the car for DineLA!
Our car ("George Michael") loaded up with Starry Kitchen goodness

For the evening, Starry Kitchen prepared black pork belly banh mi, Asian sesame slaw, jap chae and, to the delight of all,...

Starry Kitchen @ DineLA Roundtable

their famous crispy tofu balls--900 of them.

Starry Kitchen @ DineLA Roundtable

Starry Kitchen @ DineLA Roundtable
Nguyen and Thi before the dinner crowd was unleashed

As soon as the roundtable discussion finished, the hungry masses descended upon the food-laden tables. Although many were familiar with Starry Kitchen's food, there were also some SK newbies in attendance. As a big fan of the restaurant, I enjoyed watching these people take their first bites and, impressed, quickly line up for more.

Starry Kitchen @ DineLA Roundtable

I did, however, feel badly as I watched some, crestfallen to learn that they could not order crispy tofu balls for lunch as the menu rotates, and tofu balls are no more.

Starry Kitchen @ DineLA Roundtable

Starry Kitchen @ DineLA Roundtable

Chef Mark Peel and Chef Susan Feniger came prepared--both had tables with their books for sale. With a friendly smile and warm demeanor, Susan signed autographs and took photos with fans. This group of culinary students was particularly tickled to meet her. The young woman in the photo almost cried when she shook Susan's hand!

Susan Feniger @ DineLA Roundtable

Although J and I were tempted to crash the afterparty after overhearing Wolfgang mention WP24 as the chefs' next destination, we called it a night and headed home with our tray full of leftovers.

Congrats to Nguyen and Thi and thank you to ChoiSauce, DJJewelz, MidtownLunch, FoodforFel, Nelehelen and WeezerMonkey for the great company!

Starry Kitchen
350 S. Grand Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90071
(213) 617-3474


  1. You, Misty, are a genius! Why didn't I think about "volunteering" to eat and go to the event?!?! Nice work. :)

  2. Saw friends, got free food and still got to meet Susan Feniger. Good night, I'd say!

  3. So nice to meet you! Hope to eat with you in the future. :)