Monday, May 31, 2010


In my circle of friends, the question "What's for dessert?" immediately follows the last bite of dinner.

True to form, as my friends and I wrapped up a recent lackluster dinner at Charcoal Grill, we began discussing our next (sweet) stop. After throwing around a few ideas, my friends were appalled to learn that I had never visited Scoops. Thus, it was settled and to Scoops we went.

Located near LACC, Scoops uses fresh ingredients to make ice cream in an eclectic selection of flavors that rotates daily. Among their most popular flavors are brown bread and Guiness chocolate.


"One scoop" for $2.75 actually gets you two flavors rather than one, as the name implies. Because of the impressively low prices, I almost ordered the "one scoop + one" for $4.50 (which comes with your choice of three flavors), but my friend Josh warned me that this was quite a bit of ice cream.


Because we arrived only about an hour before Scoops closed, the selection was relatively limited. In fact, perhaps the biggest piece of advice to impart to any Scoops newbie is "Go early!"

Fortunately, there were more than enough delicious flavors left to sample, and the Scoops staff was generous with letting us try as many flavors as we liked. With a dynamic selection of flavors--including chocolate tomato this night-- which may or may not agree with one's tastes, this is a great (and much appreciated by me) system.


I ordered "one scoop" with black tea and strawberry passion fruit ($2.75). The black tea was a delightful combination of tea and cinnamon flavors, with the cinnamon brightening up the otherwise dark tea flavor. I couldn't get enough of this. Although the strawberry passion fruit was heavier on the former than the latter, it was, none the less, also enjoyable. Finally, as any ice cream fanatic knows, texture is crucial, and this was wonderfully soft and fluffy.


Where does Scoops get its eccentric flavor ideas? From its customers on its suggestion board, apparently. I second the suggestion of whomever wrote "Prosciutto & Cantaloupe."

Suggestion board @ Scoops

I still can't believe that a generous amount of some of the best ice cream I've ever eaten was $2.75. I now think of Scoops every time I'm in the area and find it hard not to make many an impromptu dessert stop!

712 N. Heliotrope Dr.
Los Angeles, CA 90029
(323) 906-2649

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  1. Love it there. I could go for some 'black tea' right now.