Sunday, March 14, 2010

Nana Queen's Puddin' and Wings

There's a special place in my heart for LA food trucks that serve up tasty dessert, and it looks like I'll have to make room for one more.

Nana Queen's, which officially launched on Saturday, is taking to the streets with wings, sides and four kinds of banana pudding.

Nana Queens

Nana Queen's used to cater and sell its pudding to local restaurants such as Philip's BBQ , but its spunky, sweet owner Janel Prator decided to also take the venture mobile. Lucky for us!

Nana Queens

Although J and I came for the pudding, we were starving and ordered a 5-piece wings and fries to start (a $6.50 launch special). Nana Queen's offers six flavors-- Buck Hot, Matty Mild, CC Lemon Pepper, BBQ Mango, Spicy Teriyaki and Jay Molly Green Onion Ranch--and it's impressive that none of the flavors are what you'd expect from wings.

We ordered the Green Onion Ranch flavor. I'm not a huge wing fan, but these had a nice flavor although some parts were more heavily seasoned than others and the seasoning made the wings a little gritty. I was also a little disappointed that the wings weren't meatier.

Wings and Fries @ Nana Queens

However, it wasn't wings that brought me to Nana Queen' was banana pudding!!!

Nana Queen's currently serves four flavors-- O.G. (original, $4.50), StrawNana (with fresh strawberries, $5.00), Nana Oh's (Oreo, $5.00) and CarNana (Caramel, $5.00)--with more flavors in the works.

We ordered the O.G., Nana Oh's and StrawNana pudding.

Pudding @ Nana Queens

The O.G. is banana pudding with chunks of fresh banana and Nilla wafers mixed in, all topped with whipped cream. Good food is all about the basics, and this original flavor was delicious and fresh-tasting.

Banana Pudding @ Nana Queens

As a general rule Oreos make any dessert better, and Nana Oh's a perfect example. Pudding? Yummy. Pudding with bananas? Also yummy. Pudding with bananas and Oreos? In the words of Will Ferrell as James Lipton: "Simply scrumptulescent."

Nana Oh's Pudding @ Nana Queens

My favorite, however, was the StrawNana. With a generous helping of strawberries and crispy Nilla wafers, every bite of this was a delight, and it was next to impossible to stop eating it.

StrawNana Pudding @ Nana Queens

StrawNana Pudding @ Nana Queens

I was pleasantly surprised by the size of the pudding cups--a good amount for $4.50-$5.00 per serving. When J and I left, we were absolutely stuffed and still had leftovers of StrawNana and the O.G. (they're currently in my fridge, waiting to be devoured).

Although Mac and Cheeza's banana pudding is still tops in my book, in terms of price and variety of flavors, Nana Queen's is a yummy addition to the LA food truck fleet.

Nana Queen's Puddin' and Wings

Nana Queen's in Los Angeles

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