Thursday, March 4, 2010


I first tried Louks at the Haiti Truck Festival, where I ordered their honey feta fries. Last night, however, I decided to re-visit the "Greek Gourmet" truck for a more substantial sampling.


Menu @ Louks

J and I ordered the first special ($10) with a beef gyro, tzatziki fries and strawberry Louks, which is an impressive amount of food for the relatively low cost.

Specials @ Louks

After first eating Louks's sweet, tangy and crunchy honey feta fries, the tzatziki fries were a complete disappointment. To begin, the fries were limp, soggy and unappetizing--not a great base for the dish. The tzatziki itself was totally bland but was topped and overloaded with seasoning that overpowered even the flavorless sauce and fries. After about four bites, I decided that this wasn't worth the calories and stopped eating.

Tzatziki Fries @ Louks

The beef gyro wasn't bad per se but was decidedly unmemorable. Although feta cheese is listed as an ingredient in the gyros, mine sadly had none. The tangy kick of feta might have benefited the dish because the flavor of the gyro was very one-note throughout. I've had much better and more flavorful gyros for similar prices--including ones off of street vendor carts.

Beef Gyro @ Louks

Finally, and most disappointing, were the Louks, which could also be named "Oily Little Donut Balls That Vaguely Remind You of Funnel Cake." I could taste the grease in my mouth with every bite. In my mind, the "Strawberry Louks," were topped with fresh strawberries and confectioner's sugar. In reality, they were covered with strawberry preserves scooped from a jar. Sad.

Strawberry Louks @ Louks

Also upsetting to me was Louks' customer service. When J and I arrived, there was a woman taking pictures of some Louks dishes on India Jones's chairs, which I thought was pretty inconsiderate. I'm not sure whether this woman was a blogger or press, but when she moved the photo sesh from the chairs to the ordering window, both men in the truck shifted their focus from taking orders and serving to holding the window cover open for her and modeling, completely ignoring the 4-5 customers waiting to order. Hey, guys, here's a tip: focus on your customers because all the photo ops in the world won't help you with bad word of mouth about your customer service and food.

Needless to say, won't be coming back. If it's delicious Greek food from a truck you're looking for, pop by the TastyMeat Truck.


Louks in Los Angeles

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