Sunday, February 7, 2010

Return to the Sweets Truck: I WILL have my Red Velvet!

Ever since I missed out on my favorite red velvet cookie from The Sweets Truck at the Haiti Food Truck Festival , I have been craaaaaaving it. Thank goodness we were in the same area this weekend!

The Sweets Truck carries an assortment of yummy goodies that they hand-pick from local bakers and pastry chefs, including Auntie Em's Kitchen, Cookie Casa and Southern Girl Desserts. They also serve up hot coffee and espresso (my favorite is a Peppermint Mocha that kicks Starbucks's and Coffee Bean's butt!)

As if their delicious noms didn't give us enough reasons to love The Sweets Truck, a portion of their proceeds go to charity. Their Facebook page shares that their February charity is Childhelp USA, Angel Pals, and that their donations will help to fund outings and activities that the Sweets Truck will also attend. *My cold heart thaws.*

The Sweets Truck

And now, I introduce you to the red velvet cookie. The consistency of the cookie is somewhere in between that of a cupcake and a French macaroon (a.k.a. squishy goodness), and the flavor of the red velvet is perfect! In between the two cookies is a delicious cream cheese frosting.

This is one of my favorite things I have eaten ever. No, not red velvet things. No, not desserts. THINGS. EVER.

Red Velvet Extreme Cookie @ The Sweets Truck

The lovely, sweet ladies of The Sweets Truck have some skilled taste buds because everything they sell is scrumptious! I'm also pretty sure that they have one of the best jobs in the world.

The Sweets Truck
(323) 393-6788

The Sweets Truck in Los Angeles

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  1. Awesome taste in bakeries :D
    Terri Wahl from Auntie Em's Kitchen came to speak at our Lunch and Learn for the SBL and Southern Girl Desserts was a former LACI client!