Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Oinkster

It seems like I've been hearing about The Oinkster from left and right lately! It was on the Food Network's "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives," it was featured in the "Hot on Yelp" section of last week, and it was recently on a list of the best burgers in LA. So, one night after work this week, I decided to pay The Oinkster a visit.

The Oinkster

The Oinkster

Guy Fieri's made his mark on The Oinkster!

Guy Fieri Makes His Mark @ The Oinkster

I opted for the restaurant's namesake sandwich--the Oinkster Pastrami. As a pastrami lover, I was seriously disappointed in this sandwich. The meat was way too peppery for my taste. Although there was Gruyere cheese, caramelized onions and red cabbage for a flavor contrast, these toppings came nowhere close to balancing out the amount of pepper in the meat. Luckily, J loves me very much and was willing to trade his dinner for mine.

Oinkster Pastrami @ The Oinkster

We also ordered and shared the Piggy Fries, which are similar to In-N-Out's "animal style" fries. These, however, were much richer than those from In-N-Out, and I started to feel a little sick after I had more than a few bites.

Piggy Fries @ The Oinkster

Then there was the Classic Burger, which soon became mine. In terms of simple, inexpensive burgers (it costs only $4.75!) , this one's now up there on my list. I loved that the bun was soft and squishy, I enjoyed the thousand island dressing on the sandwich and thought that the veggies had a nice crunch. The meat patty had good flavor, too.

Cheeseburger @ The Oinkster

After J and I finished dinner, we were pretty disappointed and I said to him, "I'm glad we were already in the area. If not, I'd have been pissed!" Despite our lack of enthusiasm for our meal, we're not people to say "No" to a milkshake, so we decided to split an Ube (purple yam) Milkshake.

And just like that, our review of The Oinkster went from "Wow, not going out of our way to come back here" to "I'd TOTALLY come back and get a burger, plain fries...and this incredible milkshake." Ube tastes a little bit like coconut and a lot like the best milkshake you've ever had.

Ube Shake @ The Oinkster

Final verdict: It's worth it for the milkshake, but opt for the Classic Burger and plain fries for your dinner!

The Oinkster
2005 Colorado Boulevard
Eagle Rock, CA 90041
(323) 255-OINK

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  1. I'd have to say the burger is basically garbage as well, and a pricey one at that. Like I said, one of the most over-rated meals I had in' 09, and people are beginning to finally realize this on their own. That ube shake uses ice cream from Fosselmans, which basically means I can make that shake w/ a hand blender in about a minute whenever you like.

  2. Tell that to the people on Yelp! This place, through some miracle, still has four stars. I have no idea how.

    And, yes, one of the key lessons of the night was "Fosselman's ice cream=fantastic; The Oinkster= not so much."