Sunday, February 28, 2010

Gelato Bar: A Taste of Italy in Studio City recently posted An Eater's Guide to LA. Although the list pales in comparison to Jonathon Gold's extensive "99 Things to Eat in LA Before You Die," I did appreciate the handy dandy categories into which Saveur placed its food and drinks.

Listed under Saveur's "Valley Gems" category is Gelato Bar in Studio City. After sampling and falling in love with authentic gelato in Italy a few years ago, I've tried gelato after gelato in state after state trying to find something that comes close to the rich deliciosity of the real stuff. It's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it and share with you all...

So, with a recommendation from Saveur, next on my gelato-sampling agenda was Gelato Bar.

Gelato Bar

Gelato Bar is owned by Joel Gutman and Gail Silverton. After visiting Italy and experiencing the camaraderie of the Italian piazza, Silverton wanted to recreate the communal atmosphere where people of all ages come together to relax, chat and eat--three very, very good things. Silverton and Gutman even imported the light-up ice cream cone that stands outside from Italy!

Gelato Bar

Gelato Bar's interior is instantly welcoming--happy, bright and colorful with a vintage flair.

Gelato Bar

In addition to dessert, the cheerful little shop also serves free trade coffee, pastries, light breakfast (I'll be back for the Acai Bowl!) and paninis.

Gelato Bar

Gelato Bar

Gelato Bar offers twenty-four choices daily including flavor staples such as stracciatella and rotating specials such as salted caramel. True to Italian style, the gelato is hand-decorated with garnishes related to the flavor.

Gelato Bar gives its samples on real spoons, which is both eco-friendly and a classy touch.

Already, I was excited.

Gelato @ Gelato Bar

When you order gelato, you order 2+ flavors, with your first flavor choice being the one you get a little more of. On the left, we have Fragola Chips (strawberry with chocolate chunks) and Bignolata (hazelnut with chocolate chunks) and, on the right, Fragola Chips and Pistachio.

Gelato @ Gelato Bar

Gelato is different than ice cream because no air is added, which makes its flavor richer and the dessert itself denser. Gelato is also supposed to be made with fresh ingredients, which makes the flavors taste more like the food or fruit they're actually supposed to taste like.

These flavors certainly fit the bill and were absolutely delicious, rich and full--the best gelato I've had outside of Italy.

I've heard complaints about Gelato Bar's prices but, at $4.50 for each of these small cups, the tab came out to be less than the two self-serve frozen yogurts that a friend and I had gotten a few nights before.

Vibe+menu+extremely legit gelato= love. I'll definitely be back soon!

Gelato Bar
4342 1/2 Tujunga Avenue
Studio City, CA 91604
(818) 487-1717

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  1. o man, I was in Sherman Oaks last night. Should've stopped by. I ALWAYS forget to stop by when I'm in the 818...