Friday, January 29, 2010

Slice Truck and Get Shaved

Pizza is one of the latest foods to join in on the food trunk fun. When I first heard about Slice Truck, I thought, "This will either be epic...or terrible." So, last night, I decided to give them a try.

Slice Truck serves up pepperoni and plain slices--both topped with fresh mozzarella cheese and basil. You can also choose from a list of additional toppings for an extra charge. I ordered the pepperoni.

Slice Truck

I can sum up the pizza in one word: "YUM!" In my book, Slice Truck is second only to Mulberry Street, which is saying a lot given the fact that Mulberry Street is an LA pizza institution and Slice Truck is a start-up food truck. I definitely hope, though, that they branch out in terms of their menu soon. Sometimes you want more than just pepperoni or cheese!

My slice had the perfect amount of cheese, and the mozzarella was delicious. There was also just the right amount of basil, which was really what made the flavor of the pizza for me. My favorite part of the pizza, though, (and my criteria for good pizza) was the dough. It was the perfect combination of crispy and dough-y. The sauce and the actual pepperoni were just OK, but, overall, I was a big fan of the pizza.

Pepperoni Pizza @ Slice Truck

Next stop, Get Shaved--a truck that serves shaved ice Hawaiian style. The ice for shaved ice should be light, fluffy and not too densely packed while the syrup should be soaked all the way through but not poured so heavily that the ice collapses. Verrrrrry tricky. And Get Shaved always does it perfectly--better, in fact, than a lot of places in Hawaii.

Get Shaved was started by a husband-wife team who aren't from Hawaii but who love it, and their appreciation for Hawaii and for getting this ono treat right definitely show. From the consistency of the ice to the homemade flavors, I love everything about Get Shaved.

Get Shaved

Take advantage of the flavor choices and get three. Be bold and branch out from standard American flavors and try something like guava or lychee (you can't look at the flavor list and honestly tell me that you want grape).

You can also add ice cream or azuki beans (sweet red Japanese beans) to the bottom and condensed milk, sour spray or li hing mui (dried plum powder) to the top.

Menu from Get Shaved

I always order the same thing at Get Shaved: Blue Hawaii (a combination of vanilla and coconut), Passion Fruit and POG (a juice from Hawaii with passion fruit, guava and orange flavors) with ice cream at the bottom. So yummy!

Passionfruit, Blue Hawaii and POG Shaved Ice @ GetShaved

One of the great things about Get Shaved is that they really value and listen to their customers. For example, they added the sweet cream topping and li hing mui to the menu and made POG a regular flavor rather than a special after getting requests.

Yummy night!

Slice Truck

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Get Shaved



    -in case anyone wanted to try a slice for free!

  2. Great pizza...I need to find get shaved and try them too!