Saturday, January 23, 2010

Haiti Truck-a-palooza @ T-Lofts

Today, for the first time in over a week, LA saw sun. AND, for the first time in weeks... Angelenos saw the mountains! with snow! and the hills! and a blue smog-less sky! Los Angeles after the rain is truly a beautiful sight.

All of these cars on the 101 were slowing down just to take a look at the mountains. I don't blame them.

It's a good thing my windshield was clean!

The rain is supposed to come back next week but cleared up just in time for the Food Trucks for Haiti benefit at the T-Lofts. Good cause and good food? I'm there!

Even though we arrived at 1 PM, I hadn't eaten anything yet and was craving breakfast. The Buttermilk Truck to the rescue! The line was ridiculous--one of the longest at the event--but I knew that the wait would be worth it.

The Buttermilk Truck specializes in breakfast foods and late night noms that include Red Velvet Pancake Bites, Hawaiian Bread French Toast Sticks and Hawaiian Breakfast Sliders with portuguese sausage. I ordered the Buttermilk Breakfast Sandwich.

I only eat eggs under two circumstances: 1) in a breakfast burrito under the effects of a dire hangover and 2) in the Buttermilk Truck's breakfast sandwich. The buttermilk biscuits are buttery and covered in melted, gooey cheese. I chose Applewood smoked bacon as my meat (you can also order Chicken Apple Sausage or Tocino), which is UNBELIEVABLE--thick and crispy. YUM.

Next up, lunch food. I'd heard great things about a new Greek truck called Louk's and decided to give it a try.

Louk's serves up traditional Greek fare such as gyros and salads, but it was their fries with feta cheese and honey that intrigued me. I thought that the saltiness of the fries might play off the sweetness of the honey and the tang of the feta but, instead, the dish, overall, tasted more like a dessert than anything resembling fries--almost like a funnel cake. Yum!

Next up was Phamish, a Vietnamese food truck which serves banh mi, spring rolls and even pho--pretty impressive for a truck!

My friend got a Grilled Steak banh mi and really enjoyed it. I can't believe she added the jalapeno! I'm a total wuss when it comes to spicy food.

I ordered the Lemongrass Pork Spring Rolls. The pork was scrumptious, but I couldn't help but be disappointed by how loosely they were rolled. Also, it felt like the rolls were missing a crunch--perhaps crunchier bean sprouts or some peanuts in the dipping sauce. Flavor-wise, however, this was great.

Willoughby Road BBQ just got started and serves up BBQ and a few dishes with Asian flavors.

They were out of meats by the time we got there, but we decided to try their mac and cheese. J liked it, but it was a little too creamy and bland for my taste. Don't think I'll order this one again.

Our tummies were full, but we were thirsty and decided to go to the Thai food truck Yum Yum Bowls. I've ordered and loved their Panang Curry and Satays and figured their drinks must be equally tasty.

Yummy Thai iced tea. And it matches their truck!

My first visit of the day was actually the Sweets Truck because I cannot get going with my day until I've had coffee. Their Peppermint Mocha is the best!

I was also going to buy and save one of their Extreme Red Velvet Cookies which is one of the best things I have EVER eaten. Period. But they were all sold-out. Fortunately, they had Red Velvet Shooters. UNFORTUNATELY, everyone ahead of me ordered at least two, and they were all gone by the time I reached the window. I did manage to snag the last pink cupcake, though!

They were actually unsure of what it was, but, upon opening it up after dinner, I found out that it was a red velvet/chocolate swirl topped with strawberry frosting, sprinkles and espresso beans. YUM. And, suddenly, I wasn't so sad about the red velvet cookies...

What a delicious day! And it feels great to have helped out such an important cause.

Please check out the American Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders or the United Nations Population Fund and make a donation to help Haiti if you haven't already. Every little bit helps!

The Buttermilk Truck



Willoughby Road

Yum Yum Bowls

The Sweets Truck

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